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i'm walkin on sunshine.whoa.and don't it feel good?yeah.alright. [03 Jul 2007|04:53pm]
[ mood | loveiminlovelikeaglove ]

summer'07 takes the cake.
possibly eclipses hurricane kiley of '05.

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i kill kill kill little girlssssssssss [20 Mar 2007|12:06pm]
i start working at coach on friday.i can't wait to have a job where i can dress up cute every day like i used to at the cosmetics company.
matt and i stayed up super late lasy night to build a budha-esque demon snow man.it was amazing.
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[15 Jan 2007|05:03pm]
if energy cannot be created or destroyed than where does one's energy go after they die?it has to be released elsewhere in this universe so does that disprove there being a heaven or hell?neither destination can logically be in this universe,right?matt posed the theory that maybe god is energy,which makes a lot more sense than what we're taught; that god is love.
my mom says the individual's energy is released into the cosmos but that doesn't satisfy me.
deja vu,coincidences and dreams must serve some purpose beyond our own entertainment.
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i called her on the phone and she touched herself [29 Dec 2006|07:42pm]
1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year? had something to do with being less of a bitch/letting my guard down
2. Who kissed you at midnight? amanda,mindee,louis,whoever else at that party
4. Do you like hot chocolate? white hot chocolate is dope
5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? no interest in that gahbage
1. Who was your Valentine? got stuff from a few dudes,none of which were the dude i wanted but that got fixed 2/25<3
3. Where did you go/What did you do? Drunk dancing with jimmy and richard at club hell
4. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class? i always picked what i thought to be the most suggestive and gave that one to my crush.
5. Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not? i don't remember what this even means.

1. Are you Irish? very
2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day? if i feel the need
3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2006? no idea.drank?
*turning twenty on the sixth

1. Do you like the rain? not at all
2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year? prollllyyyynottttttttttt
3. Do you get tons of candy on Easter? mhmmmm from my parents
4. Do you celebrate 4/20? starts 4/19 at midnight

1. What's your favorite kind of flower? sunflower
2. Do you like the spring? spring's legit.
3. Finish the phrase "April showers bring":
4. What is the first color you think of when you think of Spring? pink

1. What year did/will you graduate from high school? '05
2. Did you realize nothing special happens in June? vacation happens,sunroof,the beach,gittin tannnnnnnn,petty comes,seeing ufo's and...matt and i got our apartment in june

1. What did you do on the Fourth of July? matt and i went to a campground,maybe.or that could have been labor day or something.
2. Did you go on any vacations during this month?: erm...not to the best of my knowledge
3. Do you blast the A/C all day? apt's mad hot in the summer

1. Did you do anything special at the end of your summer? cumberlandfest wooo
2. What was your favorite summer memory of '06? getting an apartment with matt & having andy and brit on the first flo',getting wrecked at petty,getting my puppy.
3. Did you have a sunburn? sometimes,i was tan for a hot minute
4. Do you go to the beach a lot? as much as possible

1. Did you start school? yeeah
2. Did you celebrate homecoming? -
3. Anything special happen in September? doubt it
4. Did anything really good/ bad happen? ?
1. Do anything Halloween-related? andy and brit's party
2. What were you for Halloween? matt and i were pirates
3. Carve pumpkins? no :[

1. Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? yes!
2. Watch football? nooooooooo
3. Went anywhere special? my family's and matt's families'

1. Do you like Christmas? helllllllyeahhh
2. Do you have Christmas break? on it!
3. Are you excited for a new year? excited for a year off of school after next semester;time to write
4. Are you gonna kiss your crush under mistletoe? i'm going to maul my crush under the mistletoe
5. Are you gonna tell him/her that you like them? this was the problem last year at this time.no longer one.

yeeeeeeeeeeah.2007.domination.secret weapons.
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[15 Dec 2006|10:04pm]
go tell yr friends i'm still a feminist
but i won't be coming to your benefit
[or yr moms]
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[06 Dec 2006|03:47pm]
after reading an anne sexton poem about hitting menopause and no longer being able to have children, my professor enlightened the class to the fact that women have an archetypal need to produce male offspring so they can finally control a penis. he said women want to create "momma's boys" in order to experience the power of holding some form of authority against males. my first thoughts were not only that i feel no inherent need to procreate, but also that i would have absolutely no preference over having a boy or girl if i chose to do so. my next thoughts were that my professor is neither a woman nor can he give birth so how can he possibly comment on something like that? I mean, it's bad enough that it's not yet legal for a woman to decide if she wants to go through with a pregnancy or not based on laws created by males. anyway, my professor's comment was not unlike if i interjected that men hope to have female children to control another bitch. i mean, i understand the theory but that's all it is. there is no concrete proof. his proof was that although conditions are getting better for women in the united states, in other countries they are "mince meat" and have yet to gain any control over males. i'm pretty sure i have control over a male right now and have before, i don't have to urge to procreate in hopes of a child with XY chromosomes so i can spite all men. i love the bullshit we get taught at school.
i can't help but wonder why i get so raged out whenever i sense discrimination. it's like i have this hyper-feminist mentality sometimes to the point where i started thinking everyone's a mysogynist.whatever.
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i kill,kill,kill little girls! [01 Nov 2006|02:38pm]
i'm not sure why i've regressed into updating livejournal.I guess it's a small form of catharsis to capture streams of conciousness.kills time between class.
halloween was fun.matt,amanda,ricky,stacey and i went to club hell after a speed round of completely necessary pregaming.club hell is a paradox.a conundrum if you will.it makes me sad kind of,seeing the people who go there.aging 'punk rockers', whoreish 'scene' girls,bro dudes just trying to get laid.oh, and lot's of fat chicks.tons of them.that's why you have to be totally anhiliated to go in.at which point, it's ridiculously amusing to dance to eighties music and laugh at the people who go.is that bad?it's just a form of people-watching, i guess.it was fun though going with the group i did because we all used to go back in the day when we were all super amped to get into a club and get served.the weird thing was that the last time i went, matt and i weren't 'dating' yet even though everyone thought we were and under the influence of alcohol it used to be impossible to keep our hands off each other.same dealie with ricky and amanda.good times though.until we were walking to stacey's car and some girl came running down the street saying she had just gotten mugged.that was kind of a downer.and matt and ricky felt compelled to try to find the dude which stressed me out to no end.
so i start at cvs tomorrow.i put my two weeks in at macy's and they can suck my dick.
matt bought the say anything cd last week and it is the bomb shit.seriously though, this song captures my entire mindset when it comes to this certain breed of people;

Despite your pseudo-bohemian appearance
And vaguely leftist doctrine of beliefs
You know nothing about art or sex
That you couldn’t read in any trendy New York underground fashion magazine
Prototypical non-conformist
You are a vacuous soldier of the thrift store Gestapo
You adhere to a set of standards and tastes
That appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges (bullshit)
Giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to incoming and outgoing trends and styles of music and art
Go analog baby, you’re so post-modern
You’re diving face forward into a antiquated path
It’s disgusting, its offensive, don’t stick your nose up at me

You spend your time sitting in circles with your friends
Pontificating to each other
Forever competing for that one moment of self-aggrandizing glory
In which you hog the intellectual spotlight
Holding dominion over the entire shallow pointless conversation
Oh, we’re not worthy
When you walk by a group of quote-unquote normal people
You chuckle to yourself patting yourself on the back as you scoff
It's the same superiority complex
Shared by the high school jocks who made your life a living hell
And makes you a slave to the competitive capitalist dogma
You spend every moment of your waking life bitching about

Well let me tell you this, I am shamelessly self-involved
I spend hours in front of the mirror, making my hair elegantly disheveled
I worry about how this album will sell
Because I believe it will determine the amount of sex I will have in the future
I self medicate with drugs and alcohol to treat my extreme social anxiety
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she was a day trippah,a one way ticket,yeah [30 Oct 2006|08:32am]
this weekend was dope.it started with the early celebration of matt's birthday friday night by tripping balls and watching 'who framed roger rabbit' which no one should probably ever do.it seemed really violent to me and i kept waiting for someone to die.staring at andy and brittany's walls proved to be a lot better and somewhat more visually stimulating.i also liked watching the different tv shows sitting next to me; the andy and brittany show, the gavin and his random bitch's show and the matt show.the matt show was my favorite.as was his constant telling me that the girl was "USING FASHION TO COVER THE UGLY!".makes you think.
saturday was brittany and andy's halloween/matt's birthday party.matt and i were wicked sexy pirates.i owned at beer pong for a hot minute but one round get's me tipsy.matt was shellacked which was permissable.everyone looked cute but i watched far too many drinks be dropped.
yesterday matt and i had breakfast at his dad's,went shopping,has a scratch ticket addiction and went out to dinner with his mom.good times.good weekend.matt got a haircut and looks amazing.
oh yeah, fuck macy's.i've worked there for maybe three weeks and still have yet to be paid for the training i did.i hate working for management which i can tell collectively doesn't have one college degree.but they all seem to think they're more intelligent because they wear business suits and work in little offices and obviously i'm a dumb blonde.
anyway, matt's mom got me a job as a beauty advisor so that's sick.i wanted to work at a makeup counter at macy's but that didn't happen so this is even better.
i'm supposed to go into macy's today but i think i'm supposed to go to cvs too.oh, le sigh.i love pretending i know how to speak french because that's cool,right?no?
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mario c likes to keep it clean! [26 Oct 2006|11:41am]
good little jam cd in the making:

sublime-slow ride
beastie boys-intergalactic
led zeppelin-d'yer m'aker
the doors-touch me
the zombies-she's not there
rolling stones-under my thumb
janis joplin-piece of my heart

...to be cont'd.

for anyone that still reads this, things are chill.yesterday was eight months with matthew and his birthday is saturday so you should probably send him something cool.
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thiiiiis ain't no funky reggae party,five dollars at the door. [28 Sep 2006|07:38pm]
get off the internet!
i'll meet you in the streets.
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[13 Sep 2006|09:01pm]
i had a dream last night that i transferred to a school named "casia" in woonsocket.
but what does it all mean?
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[24 Jun 2006|08:39am]
if anyone has furniture/etc. they want to donate to mine and matt's apartment, that'd be dope.
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we didn't start the fire. [17 May 2006|07:31am]
oh i am my own damn god.
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[10 May 2006|08:22pm]
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baby,this is perfecto [05 May 2006|09:55am]
i lovee myyyyyy mommmmmmmmmm
especially when she tells me about buying pot from the mayor's daughter in the seventies and how it was the best.
and when she agrees that bitches need to get stabbed.with a pocket knife.angela costa style.
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i'm serious as a heart attack,i'm looking in my almanac [03 May 2006|01:07pm]
summer starts on thursday.
amanda's prom on friday!
i start at the cosmetics company on monday.
everything is perfectttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
except my complete lack of funds but that'll be solved with my first paycheck.
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we're the band with the roller skate jams [27 Apr 2006|10:27am]
my advice to anyone considering waitressing in the least:

like really,brittany told me i'd hate it but i didn't realize how ridiculously horrible is.it's so stressful,i hate being stressed out.the only good part is when people randomly leave you a gigantic tip which is most of the time less about your service and more about how aesthetically pleasing you are.really,that's the only perk at all at all.that and the ability to constantly people watch.i get a lot of lesbians and minorities.
last night was the worst.i was off at ten but didn't get out until eleven,even though all of my sidework had done by 9:30, because i had one table that stayed for two hours.it was two women who i would assume were lesbians because they shared a meal and just looked it i guess, but they read from the bible (they're own seperate bibles) the entire time so i guess they probably weren't.they shared one meal starting around 9:15 or 9:30 or something and by eleven, were still eating and reading.this is with matt,andy and brit waiting in the parking lot for me since ten because when brittany came in at 9:30, i thought they were almost done.
oh also,another waitress straight up walked out wearing my hoodie the other day so that's m.i.a and i'll never get it back.
why are bitches crazy?like really.
i hate conflict and bitches have to go and get crazy.like you!
so now i have to apply mad places.i applied at brittany's work yesterday which would be so legit if i got hired and got to play with makeup all day.
so...never waitress.ever.no matter what.
retail > wairtressing.always.

aaaaaaaand tomorrow's my last day of class!summer's gonna be dope.
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you're a waste of paint! [25 Apr 2006|10:22am]
i've been told i'm a pascivist three times this week and i've heard the p. diddy tribute to biggie smalls [the police cover] three times as well...
but what does it all mean?!

dood,what do you DO all day???

happy birthday amandaaaaaaaaaa!!
now you're almost not jailbait.

i'm a pascivist in that i've never been in a fight i guess, i think that's beyond white trash.i still fuck shit up though!mhmm

[non sequitors]
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( sprechen sie deutches,baby ) [21 Apr 2006|02:09pm]
[ mood | euphoric ]

april 20th was celebrated extremely well starting at midnight and ending at three am this morning,maybe.a portion of it spent in the way you would assume with the majority being spent in a way you wouldn't but that was much much better(meow).
new taking back sunday sounds like old taking back sunday and sort of sucks but they can do no wrong.
i hate system of a down.
this is what happens when you watch mtv2.
this is what living like this does!!!
arctic fucking monkeys.
*note to self (& amanda): never go to eighties night again.ever.again?no,ever.

But your hour is
A stone
My moment is
A flower.

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ihlb. [16 Apr 2006|12:59pm]
this weekend was bomb, even if we didn't get to go to new jersey.matt and i still had an intense hotel party.and we saved amanda from her car accident.and the three of us also discovered a shed in amanda's back yard to smoke in and spit on cars at the mall.

yr x critique: how do you make an lj cut say something?
xomg itz manax: idk, you have to go into rich mode thing
xomg itz manax: haha
yr x critique: fuck rich mode
xomg itz manax: true that

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